Chief Happiness Officer Workshop


Chief Happiness Officer, Emotional DJ and Story teller

This workshop is intended for

HR Executives / external consultants, Commercial Executives, Department heads of government organizations, Owners/ Directors SME’s, Life coaches

The workshop aims for the participant to


In the very practical sessions participants will get the essential insights and tools for use in their organization to improve general mood of the people organization and with it, improve productivity and a general sense of happiness.

The workshop will cover:

Knowledge and understanding of well being at work

Personal and team development in the company

Development & implementation of well being in companies

From intent to action

Why you should participate

About the facilitator

Arnaud Collery is a Chief Happiness Officer, Emotional DJ and Story teller who provided Happiness Training or several Fortune 500 companies in the USA and internationally, presenting the science of happiness in different forums to help address the changes in working attitude of the younger generations.