English Grammar & Composition Level 101 (IEI)

Target group

for those who wish to improve and strengthen their basic proficiency in the English language to an intermediate level and/or those who have successfully completed the English as a Second Language Level 202 course

The English Grammar & Composition Level 101 (EGC 101) course is a short-term intensive and thorough training program for those who need to improve their English grammar, and are already involved in composition.
We (re)introduce you to the sentence and its parts and strengthen your grammatical knowledge, build up your vocabulary, pay attention to common mistakes, improve your reading comprehension and guide you in composition.

During the course attention will be given to:

Guidance in composition through:

Our special teaching techniques enable us to continue building on participant’s existing know-how, learning style, and interest. We focus on the outcome of the course, as well as the learning process. We keep this process dynamic, flexible, interactive, goal-oriented, pleasurable and challenging.

The course consists of 10 weekly sessions of two hours of instruction by an authorized instructor, course material, multiple exercises, individual guidance, a mid-term test and upon satisfactory completion, you will receive a certificate.