Basics of Professional Mediation

Target group

HR professionals, Senior Executives, CEO’s, Business Owners, Lawyers and others

Doc Opleidingen with Match-It Opleidingen (Netherlands) present a basic course Professional Mediation

Mediation is internationally recognized as a preferred step to solve conflicts between different parties. The role of the mediator is to encourage communication between parties and explore the different avenues that parties can agree on to resolve all types of issues. Where legal steps often have a winning and losing party, mediation aims at win-win solutions.

Course Description

During this interactive training course you will develop and train professional mediation skills. Upon completion of the course you can register for an exam at the ADR Register (Alternate Dispute Resolution). Even if you do not intend to start immediately as a registered mediator, this course will contribute to your knowledge, skills and personal development in conflict situations.

Upon completion of the course:

Since October 2017, Mediators with ADR registration are accepted by the Joint Court of Justice of the Dutch-Caribbean islands ( .

ADR Registration is accredited as a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP)by the International Mediation Institite (IMI).