Corporate Governance Workshop

Target audience

This course provides a broad insight into what constitutes good corporate governance, with a focus on the role of the Supervisory Board and the interaction between the internal supervisor and the Executive Board. In addition to international developments in the field of Corporate Governance, the legal framework as it applies in Aruba is also discussed, particularly with regard to the financial sector.


Offering a broad, general knowledge in the field of ‘Corporate Governance’ with connection to the applicability of the theory in daily practice in Aruba. The internationally authoritative book “Corporate Governance: Policies, Principles and Practices” by      Dr. R.I. (Bob) Tricker is used as a guideline in the course.


In this course, the participant learns that good corporate governance is about “Checks and Balances”: Effective supervision of the management of companies and organizations and the balanced distribution of decision-making powers between the Board, the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders. This course is up-to-date with practical examples. The course highlights both the business economics and the legal aspects of good corporate governance.

Important topics that will be discussed are: