Customer Experience & Telephone Skills

Target group

Everyone who experiences direct customer contact, either in person or electronically: hotels, restaurants, banks, retail stores, customer service agents, sales persons, receptionists or secretaries etc.

Course Description

Excellence in customer service is the hallmark of success in the service industry and among manufacturers or traders of products that require reliable service: the quality of your company’s service (or lack thereof) has an impact on both existing and potential customers.

During this highly interactive workshop, participants learn about the elements of service and the importance of surpassing the basics to deliver a ‘WOW’ moment each time they interact with customers. Quality customer service, after all, is a vital ingredient in a company’s ability to maintain profitability and continued success.

With group discussions aimed at specific communication challenges that the participants are dealing with on a day-to-day basis the following topics will be addressed:



This course is also available as a customized in-house training: contact us to inquire about the details.