English Business Writing 202 (IEI)

Effective writing is an exceptionally important element of business communication. This course is directed at those who wish to sharpen and refine their written communications and want to be able to critically asses their own writing on relevance, stylistic elements, efficiency and usefulness.

Learn how to articulate your thoughts effectively to create clear, unambiguous texts. Accurately shape your arguments and structure your ideas logically to improve effectiveness in persuasion. Find the right tone and style for different types of communication. Achieve your objective by selecting the right format and platform to reach your audience. Express yourself confidently.

Monitoring each course participant regularly enables us to continue building on participant’s existing know- how, learning style and interest. We focus on the outcome of the course, as well as the learning process. We keep this process dynamic, flexible, interactive, goal-oriented, pleasurable and challenging.

The course consists of 10 weekly sessions of two hours of instruction by an authorized instructor, course material, multiple exercises, individual guidance, an exam, and upon satisfactory completion, you will receive a certificate.

  • Recognize different types of business writing and their functions
  • Analyze and revise your own writing
  • How to emphasize what you want the reader to focus on
  • How to use the correct tone and diplomacy in your writing
  • Make the right rhetorical choices
  • Compose effective and persuasive written texts