Mentor in the Kitchen (3 days)

Employee training and development is not only important for improving the quality of service but also for the growth and success of the business. The hospitality industry is all about providing exceptional guest experiences.

As a Mentor you are indispensable for the development of (new) employees in the hospitality industry. You share your knowledge and you coach and guide your (new) employees, so that they can develop into professionals. A responsible task. The quality of you as a Mentor is a determining factor in this.

You will learn the following during this course:


What do you learn during the course Mentor in the Kitchen? During the 3 day course SVH Mentor in the Hospitality Industry you will be well prepared for the official SVH exam and your future as a mentor. The official recognized SVH exam consists of 2 parts: A theory exam and a practical exam.

After the course you have a good understanding of the different work processes and you can pass on your craftsmanship successfully to your (new) employees, ensuring a higher quality of service.


DOC OPLEIDINGEN+: Schotlandstraat 42 – Oranjestad


The SVH exam consists of 2 parts: Guidance & Training (practical exam) and a Theory exam. The SVH Theory exam is a written exam and consists of 30 multiple- choice questions.


SVH Diploma Mentor in the Kitchen Industry.


It is desirable to repeat this course after a few years to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.


This course will be given in the English, Dutch and/or Spanish language.