Middle Management: Personnel and Organization


Managers and/or supervisors on middle management level, staff members and those interested in becoming managers.

Middle Management consists of 4 modules: ‘Leidinggeven & Motiveren’ and ‘Financieel Management’ (currently in development to transition from Dutch to English), and 2 other modules currently in English, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Personnel and Organization’. Each module consists of 9 weekly sessions and is concluded with an exam. Each module that has been successfully completed is awarded with a certificate. When all 4 modules have been successfully completed you will receive the Middle Management diploma.

Module Personnel and Organization

The human capital of an organization is priceless. It is not for nothing that Human Resource Management is considered one of the most important development areas for organizations. This module aims to give the participant skills and tools to help efficiently organise and assign employees their relevant tasks.

Topics covered during the course