Reset-Aruba Workshop

The RESET-ARUBA Workshop is designed to help us adapt to a new reality and learn how to thrive in changed circumstances.

The workshop covers 4 subjects in 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each:

Dealing with change

Flexibility and willingness to embrace change makes one a more valuable member of their organization – one who can reliably deal with challenging circumstances. When one is able to recognize that change can also create possibility, one understands change and can use it as a building block to success rather than a roadblock.

In this part of the workshop the focus is on understanding change and acquiring skills that help participants become adept at managing change, which can help reduce feelings of anxiety, embrace technology, increase productivity and become more proactive.

Managing Your Attitude

This part of the workshop uses exercises and videos to help participants define what type of job they could be getting next and how their attitude towards that new opportunity is important in finding a job that they enjoy going to. This part of the workshop uses the FISH! Philosophy as a base and takes participants through the 4 principles to help them understand the importance of work culture. This part of the workshop also focuses on how to be happy doing what you do and deliver great results.

Understanding your role in the organization

In part 3 of the workshop the focus is on gaining insight in what organizations expect from their team members and how each role in the organization contributes to the delivery of services or products to the customer. This understanding is necessary to help participants gain insight into the value of their contribution. With the knowledge and understanding that their role in the workplace is important, team members can start working with renewed purpose and motivation, and generally being more results driven.

Deliver the Best Customer oriented Service

Part 4 of the workshop is designed to help all participants recognize the value of delivering customer-oriented service. Part of Aruba’s success has always been the warmth and service-oriented attitude of its people, and it goes without saying that all industries depend directly or indirectly on the tourism industry. With the world slowly opening all destinations for tourism once again, Aruba will benefit if the population is ready to present the One Happy Island we promote so successfully.

After the workshop

The workshop is a Reset of the participant’s mindset and the understanding of how the crisis has changed the world we live in. The program provides an understanding of the developments while showing that change is not new to our lives, not always bad and certainly manageable if you know how. With a change of mindset, realizing that everyone has the power to decide on the attitude towards work and life, participants can become motivated to look for opportunities. With a better knowledge on how their work contributes to the bigger picture of the organization, and with the tools and skills they learn in becoming a more welcoming person, the workshop motivates and encourages people to seek the best, in themselves, for the organization and its customers.

This workshop is completely customizable to fit an organization’s specific needs and expectations.

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