Covid-19 has forced all organizations to rethink the way they operate. The process of adapting to a changing environment can be challenging.

The Reset & Innovate Workshop from doc Opleidingen is designed to give direction to adapt and to come out of this crisis better prepared and focused on growth.
Please note that each workshop can be offered as a stand-alone session or you can choose to implement all four workshops for the maximum benefit of your organization.

Change Management Discover an amazing way to deal with change at work and in life This workshop is designed for everyone in your organization. Whether you are a senior executive, mid-level manager, supervisor, frontline employee, educator, secretary or any other professional, you’ll discover how to deal with change and look for the positive opportunities that it presents.
The Fish! Philosophy© Discover how to love your work, inspire people and generate incredible energy and accountability Organizations around the world use its practical lessons to improve customer service, build trust and teamwork, strengthen leadership, and increase employee satisfaction. Many people also take these lessons home to strengthen relationships with family and friends.
Work A workshop that helps your team understand the basics of doing business Making use of interactive assignments your team learns to think about the future of the organization as a whole, focusing on the company mission and vision, conduct a situation analysis and looking for opportunities for growth. By helping your team understand WHY you do what you do, you can count on increased support for organizational success from your team.
The Welcoming Attitude Enhance business performance by giving excellent customer-oriented service This element of the workshops focuses on customer oriented service and why it is now, more important than ever, to have The Welcoming Attitude. A company is dependent on a welcoming culture both internally and externally. In a world where products and services are increasingly alike, the art of making people feel welcome is a decisive factor for success.

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