Middle Management Module Leading & Motivating

Target group
Managers at middle management level, staff officers and employees who have the ambition to become managers.

Course Information
Middle Management consists of four interactive modules: ‘Personnel & Organization’, ‘Leading & Motivating’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Financial Management’. Each module consists of nine (9) sessions and each is finished with an exam. You will receive a certificate for each module with a passing grade. Once all modules are passed you will receive a diploma.



Good communication skills and effective attitude and behavior are the basis for effective leading in any management position. The following topics are discussed during this module:

  • The role of the Middle Manager and characteristics of an effective leader
  • Basic rules for communication and interaction processes
  • What drives behavior
  • Recognizing resistance and dealing with it
  • How to have professional meetings with your staff
  • Giving and receiving professional feedback
  • How to handle difficult conversations at work
  • Managing conflict
  • Understanding negotiation